Staten Island

Staten Island is home to one ReStart Academy site.

Camelot Counseling II (Seaview)

Address: 460 Brielle Avenue, Building H, Staten Island, NY 10314
Description: Residential; Substance Use Treatment; Male Only
Academic Track: High School Diploma; High School Equivalency Diploma
Ages: 18+ (Males Only) 

Referral Contact: Dominick Matarrese, Residential Director
Phone: (718) 816-6589

Services: Camelot is a nine to 12-month, drug-free, residential therapeutic community agency providing treatment for forty-five male adults with substance abuse, family, emotional, and behavioral problems. Our structured program provides individual, groups, family, and vocational counseling. For residents who do not have a high school credential, we offer a full-time educational program in which students can pursue a high school or high-school equivalency diploma. We staff our school program with a full-time ReStart teacher and a part-time guidance counselor. Our educational program offers small classes and highly individualized instruction to help each student meet his/her diploma requirements.

Admission Process: Contact the program director.