Middle School Program

The ReStart Academy Middle School Program is an intensive academic program that supports 13–17-year-olds who have previously struggled and been unable to meet 7th or 8th grade promotion requirements. We offer this program in eight sites throughout NYC-each one housed in and collaborating with an NYC Department of Education high school.

Academics + Student Support + Extracurriculars = Success

With small class sizes and curriculum aligned to the Next Generation Learning Standards, we provide targeted academic support to all of our students, including students with disabilities and multi-language learners. Our staff at each site is well equipped to meet the social and emotional needs of our students to support their academic, behavioral, and personal success.

Each site has a student support team, including a full-time school counselor and community associate who conduct daily group sessions, including the Restorative Circle model, and support to families. Our school counselors also provide individual and group counseling and intensive support in navigating the high school application process, ensuring that students make a smooth transition to an appropriate school setting once they leave ReStart.

ReStart also provides many special events and field trip experiences to enhance the curriculum, including annual spelling bees and science fairs, visits to city museums and cultural exhibits, College Access for All week, college tours, Broadway shows, and various sports activities. ReStart also infuses the arts into the students’ experience through our partnership with Doing Art Together

In the 2022–2023 school year, our middle school program had a 95% promotion rate, and 90% of our students received a match to one of their top three high school choices.

Our eight Middle School Sites

Our middle school program has locations at eight sites in various high schools throughout the city. The services offered at these sites is consistent from one to another.

ReStart Academy at August Martin Campus
Contact: Bharati Sue
Phone: (718) 528-2920, ext. 2625

ReStart Academy at Brooklyn Collegiate
Contact: Raquel Vasquez
Phone: (646) 943-1789

ReStart Academy at Channel View School for Research
Contact: Lizzette Sierra
Phone: (718) 734-3212, ext. 3593

ReStart Academy at Eagle Academy - Harlem
Contact: Stacey Michael
Phone: (347) 403-2135

ReStart Academy at George Washington Campus
Contact: Kimani Knox
Phone: (917) 520-6282

ReStart Academy at Mott Haven Community
Contact: Johanna Suero
Phone: (718) 503-5340, ext. 5306

ReStart Academy at Lower East Side Preparatory High School
Contact: Nayoka Thomas
Phone: (212) 473-8152, ext. 1013

ReStart Academy at Prospect Heights Campus
Contact: Natalie Chevere
Phone: (718) 230-6241