The Bronx borough is home to residential and day-program ReStart sites.

Adolescent Skills Center Bronx of Vibrant Emotional Health

Address: 975 Kelly Street, Suite 302, Bronx, NY 10459
Description: Day Program; Mental Health; Substance Use Treatment
Academic Track: HS Credential, HSE
Ages: 16.5–21

Referral Contact: Keja Tyler, Employment Specialist
Phone: 718-292-7880, ext. 6141

Services: Students receive supportive case management services, clinical services, vocational services, and vocational and clinical group services.

Admission Process: Students must be between 16.5 and 21 years old. Please complete and send a referral form to the employment specialist. The employment specialist will schedule the student for a TABE entrance exam. If the student attains the necessary grade level to enter the program, the employment specialist will contact the applicant for an intake and biopsychosocial evaluation to determine if our program structure will meet the student’s needs.

Mas Promesa Youth DBT

Address: 315 East 175th Street, Bronx, NY 10456 (3rd floor)
Description: Residential; Mental Health/Substance Use Treatment; Male Only
Academic Track: HS Credential, HSE
Ages: 14–20

Referral Contact: Johanna Solano, LMSW, Program Director
Phone: 646-265-4683

Services: We firmly believe in the value of teamwork to help youth achieve their goals. Our professional, round-the-clock staffing includes medical and mental health providers, a licensed social worker, substance abuse counselors, recreation specialists, teachers, a care coordinator, and an operations staff. We provide behavioral treatment for substance use and mental health; individual, group, and family counseling; and clinical and group therapy utilizing Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and trauma enforced EVP’s; creative arts; the Force Field rating system; weekly treatment team conferences; social and community living skills; psychiatric services; and primary care.

Admission Process: Initial assessment in person, via telephone or media.