About ReStart Academy

ReStart Academy is an alternative education program under the auspices of New York City Public Schools (NYCPS) District 79 that provides educational services for students ages 13 through 21 in temporary or involuntary settings. ReStart Academy sites offer the following services:

  • Instructional services in various transitional settings
  • Juvenile justice support programs
  • Behavioral health and/or substance use treatment programs
  • CBOs/Social services agencies and other transitional settings

Supportive Partnerships

ReStart has 16 locations throughout the five boroughs and including two residential sites in upstate New York. Each site is a collaboration with a partner agency, community-based organization, or public school where students can continue on the path to academic success in a small, supportive school community.


The academic program at each ReStart Academy site varies depending upon the student population it serves. ReStart Academy accommodates students on middle school, high school, and high school equivalency tracks. The curriculum for all levels is Common Core-aligned and includes traditional and blended learning instruction. All ReStart Academy students receive comprehensive academics, college and career counseling, and transition planning.