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Brooklyn Youth Academy

Address: 120 Schermerhorn Street, Brooklyn, NY 11210 (Room 8-2)
Description: Day Program; Court Involved; Substance Use Treatment
Academic Track: High School Diploma, High School Equivalency Diploma
Ages: 17–21

Referral Contact: Mandell Pratt, Court Liaison
Phone: (347) 404-9561

Services: We assist court-involved and community-based youth. At this location, we offer high school and high school equivalency classes under the auspices of the New York City Department of Education/ReStart Academy. We also offer our students daily group sessions as well as individual academic counseling. Students who are court mandated usually remain in the program for a minimum of one year.

Admission Process: Students ages 17–21 may contact Mr. Pratt to set up an appointment to take an academic assessment in reading and math. If Brooklyn Youth Academy is not the right placement, Mr. Pratt will assist in finding the student an appropriate program placement.

Dynamite Youth Center

Address: 1830 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11230
Description: Day and Residential Program; Substance Use Treatment
Academic Track: High School Diploma, High School Equivalency Diploma
Ages: 15-23

Referral Contact: Marina Nakhla, Intake Director
Phone: (718) 376-7923

Services: At Dynamite Youth Center (DYC), we work to help dependent adolescents and young adults create positive change in their lives through comprehensive counseling. Since 1970, we have specialized in drug-free counseling to rehabilitate drug dependent adolescents and young adults through education programs, advocacy, community services, and family involvement. An important element of our model is our educational program. DYC participants who do not have a high school diploma enroll in our on-site ReStart school program. We offer a full-time educational program in which students can pursue a high school or high school equivalency diploma. Our school program is staffed by a full-time ReStart teacher and a part-time guidance counselor and is supported by our DYC vocational counselor. Our educational program offers small classes and highly individualized instruction to help each student meet his/her diploma requirements.

Admission Process: DYC is a long-term program. All participants begin at our residential facility in upstate Fallsburg, New York. Upon successful completion, participants transfer to our facility in Brooklyn. Please call our intake director for information about admissions.

Outreach Greenpoint

Address: 960 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222
Description: Day Program; Mental/Behavioral Health; Substance Use Treatment
Academic Track: High School Diploma
Ages: 16+

Referral Contact: Andrea Persaud, Program Coordinator
Phone: (718) 383-7200, ext. 6118

Services: Restart Academy at Outreach offers an intensive educational program comprised of a comprehensive academic and career/college counseling program for students who are 16 years old and older and working toward completing high school graduation requirements. We provide a rigorous common core curriculum that includes blended learning in all content areas. We use technology in the classroom to complete research projects and access online courses. We provide ongoing, individualized transition planning. Students receive individual and group counseling while receiving educational services.

Application Process: Please contact us to schedule an appointment. Ideally, students should be at least 16 years of age, preferably upperclassmen in high school, and have the ability and desire to work independently on online courses. In addition, Outreach students would benefit from substance abuse treatment.

Documentation Required: We ask that students provide school transcripts and any other relevant academic records.