Frequently Asked Questions

To answer some of your questions as quickly as possible, we’ve compiled a list of those most frequently asked by ReStart Academy students and parents. Be sure to read more throughout this website and in our student handbook so you’re well-informed and prepared for a successful educational journey.

General Questions

What can I do to help my child succeed?

A NYC Schools Account allows parents and guardians to support and track their child’s progress throughout their education at the NYCPS. An account allows parents and guardians to monitor grades, test scores, and attendance, and we encourage you to check the website frequently. Contact your ReStart counselor to get an account creation code. Find more information and create a NYC Schools Account online.

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Is my child eligible for a MetroCard while enrolled in ReStart?

ReStart students are eligible for MetroCards on the same basis as other NYC school students. The NYCPS Office of Pupil Transportation determines eligibility based on the distance your child lives from the ReStart site. Generally, a student is eligible for a full-fare MetroCard if he/she lives more than 1½ miles from school. Students who live less than 1½ miles from school may be eligible for a ½ fare MetroCard that they can only use on MTA buses.

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What is the electronics/cell phone policy at ReStart?

Students may bring electronics and cell phones to school; however, the specific policy about the use and collection of electronics during the school day varies by ReStart site. The staff at the site will provide you with the Electronics Use Policy contract, which parents and students must agree to and sign.

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Middle School Program Questions

Can my child receive special education services while enrolled in ReStart?

There are a number of resources available to all students at all ReStart sites, including special education instruction or services.

We hold an annual review of the IEP of middle school students enrolled in our school. Every student attending a ReStart program has access to smaller classes in addition to individual and group counseling. We follow testing accommodations and modified testing and promotional criteria as stated on the most recent IEP for all of the NYC and NYS exams we administer to students enrolled in ReStart.

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Will my child be promoted?

ReStart Academy is committed to providing quality educational programs to students in small, supportive settings. With strong academic and social-emotional support as well as close collaboration with parents and families, most of our middle school students who attend on a regular basis and engage in the academic program reach promotion at the end of the school year. Please see the NYC Promotional Policy for Middle School Students section in the student handbook for detailed information about the promotional criteria your child must meet.

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Will my child receive help to complete a high school application?

Each ReStart Academy middle school site has a full-time guidance counselor who will work closely with you and your child to support you in the very important high school application process. See the NYCPS website for more information about the process for middle schoolers.

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What is the discipline policy?

ReStart Academy follows a progressive discipline approach to the New York City Public Schools Citywide Behavioral Expectations (Discipline Code). We handle student misbehavior on a case-by-case basis. In all cases, we take a number of factors into account when implementing appropriate interventions and disciplinary responses, including the nature and severity of the misconduct. In many cases, the use of in-school disciplinary responses and/or the use of guidance interventions (e.g., parent conference, behavioral contract) may be most suitable. In other cases, a student’s misconduct may require or be most appropriately addressed by a targeted or significant disciplinary response along with guidance interventions (e.g., removal from class, suspension).

We are committed to promoting a positive experience and outcome for all of our students.

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HS & HSE Program Questions

May a high school student receive special education services while enrolled in ReStart?

There are a number of resources available to all students at all ReStart sites, including special education instruction or services. For example, every student attending a ReStart program has access to smaller classes, direct relationships with guidance counselors, and counseling from qualified agency staff. We follow all testing accommodation guidelines as stated on the most recent IEP for all NYC and NYS exams we administer.

Since we are a small, transitional program, we do not automatically update IEPs through annual and triennial reviews. If a high school student has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for special education services, we will develop a Special Education Plan for Students in Transitional Settings within 30 days of enrollment that will specify the services we will provide while the student is at ReStart. We will notify parents/guardians of the date we’ll be developing the plan, whom we encourage to participate in person or by phone.

When students are discharged from ReStart, their IEP will remain in effect. If you would like your child’s IEP to be reviewed while enrolled in ReStart, we will be happy to facilitate a review. Please contact the assistant principal or guidance counselor for further information.

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How long can a high school student attend ReStart Academy? How many high school credits will he/she earn?

ReStart runs on a trimester system (see our calendar), and students can earn a maximum of five credits each trimester. Individual students may also have the opportunity to accelerate credit earning through online learning and summer school. ReStart is a transitional program—generally, students can be enrolled for no more than three trimesters. When students successfully complete the program, they may be able to return to their home school, request a transfer from the Family Welcome Center, or apply to one of the many New York City Public Schools transfer schools (eligibility requirements vary). See the student handbook on this page for more details.

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Does ReStart provide college counseling?

ReStart has a college advisement program that provides individual and group assistance to high school and high school equivalency students who are exploring and/or applying to college or vocational programs. Please contact your child’s ReStart guidance counselor or social worker for more information about the program.

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What do I do if my child is dismissed/terminated/removed from the agency program?

If your child is no longer receiving services from the agency program, he/she may not continue the ReStart educational program and must return to the home school. Contact the site guidance counselor or social worker immediately upon dismissal for assistance in finding a program other than the home school.

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What has changed about the GED?

As of January 1, 2022, the TASC Test was replaced in New York State with the GED® Test. The GED assesses students’ knowledge in four core subject areas: Reasoning Through Language Arts (Reading and Writing), Math, Social Studies, and Science. Students who pass the GED in all four subject areas will earn a NYS High School Equivalency (HSE) Diploma. At ReStart Academy, all HSE students are engaged in rigorous instruction to prepare students to pass the GED exam and be college and career ready. More information about NYS High School Equivalency Diplomas and the GED can be found at the NYS HSE website and the GED website.

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